Monday, July 26, 2004

Steyn vs. Red Tories

Steyn goes off on the 'red tories' today:

Even for the fainter hearts who take refuge in the lame-o “I’m fiscally conservative but socially liberal” line that conveniently ignores all the fiscal implications of the social liberalism, Red Toryism isn’t enough.

Yikes, this is exactly the criticism that no one has figured out about the socially liberal, fiscally conservative right. Why he had to let the cat out of the bag is beyond me.

This has limited implications. How much does it cost society to prosecute homosexuals for sodomy, per se in comparison to letting do their own thing? What does it cost society to let them marry? Little, but it adds a lot.I am unsure about abortion, capital punishment might save some cash is suppose, but for the most part, not being *against* something does not mean you are automatically *for* something else.

Just because I am against social conservative ideas, like the prohibition/criminalization of drugs, or persecution of gay marriage does not automatically mean that I am necessarily for those things. In fact, the idea of being small-l liberal means free to do want you want without necessarily leaving everyone else on the hook for those freedoms. From a fiscally conservative point of view, this fits perfectly. I'm not into subsidizing a lifestyle, but i'm certainly willing to be tolerant of it. I don't want to make Canada a "Christian State", but I don't necessarily want to subsidize alternatives either.

Basically, to bash those who "aren't as right wing" as Steyn does, he pushes away those who would vote similarly to him, but decides attack anyways feeling that they are "Joe Clarks" in disguise. The right is too small in Canada to push anyone away. I disagree with Christian Conservatives on many issues, but we vote similarly. I have no time for their ideas about most social aspects, but I can respect them and only ask for the same treatment.

The idea is that we agree on the big things: we don't like corruption, the free spending of the liberals, an ever expanding central government, the lack of real democratic equality between the east and the west....oh yeah, and we hate the liberals because they are pompous idiots.

If you are a so-con, are you really going to push away someone who agrees with you on the big things, because you "don't like their views on gays", or because "they are just too tolerant"? This is ridiculous.

Can rightwingers tolerate each other, anymore?

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