Monday, July 26, 2004

The Hives are back

Since music itself is failing on this side of the pond, I am glad that the foreign content of a previously unknown variety (formerly, Bjork) the Hives, from Norway, are able to rip it up. Here's the latest RS review:

the Hives have a smart strategy: They strip it down beyond minimalism, refining their sound to an elemental buzz and blast with a scientific sense of precision. Tyrannosaurus Hives is so tight and efficient, it makes Veni Vidi Vicious sound almost like it came from a jam band. It adds Devo-like keyboards to the same mechanically engineered herky-jerk riff, set on "stun," for a filler-free half-hour of fast thrills -- thirty minutes and five seconds, actually. Almqvist has a violent relationship with the English language, screaming over the top as high-speed riffs such as "Abra Cadaver," "Walk Idiot Walk," "Antidote" and "See Through Head" go slamming into one another like an ugly day at the go-kart track

Loved the first album. Energy, humility, funny and fun.

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