Thursday, July 15, 2004

Palestinian Decay

I have the will to survive
I cheat if I can't win
If someone locks me out
I kick my back in

An' if I get aggression
I give it to them two time back
Every day it's just the same
With hate an' war on my back

----the clash, Hate and War

There is a sympathetic profile in the NY times about the Palestinian people in today's electronic version. In attempting to show a softer side of the internal battles of the Palestinian Entity (turnabout is fair play, vis a vis "zionist entity") there is this disturbing outtake:

While Mr. Nashrati, who once worked as a welder in Israel, spoke of peace and a two-state solution, his children, maturing in this time of violence and separation, sounded a harsher note. Rukon, 10 years old, said he wanted to grow up to be a fighter like Mahmoud Tawalbe, an Islamic Jihad leader killed in the raid two years ago.

"I'm disturbed when I hear my son say that," Mr. Nashrati said. "This is a general problem for us, that we don't feel we can control our children."

Asked if he thought he could be friends with an Israeli boy his age, Rukon drew a hand across his throat. "I want only to stab him," he said.
Mr. Nashrati hastily said Rukon was young and ignorant. "This son is old enough to understand," he said, indicating Munir, 20.

Asked if he could be friends with an Israeli his age, Munir Nashrati said, "It's impossible."

A ten year old talking about slitting the throat of another young boy. Way to prepare your children for peace. Ask a million israeli kids the same question and see if this answer ever comes up. At 10, its not the child's fault either, this is simply evidence of the mind warping brainwashing that Fatah and Arafat have doused the Palestinian people in. Its disgusting.

Before you get the idea that this article is pro-israeli, the article never attempts to dwell on the fact that the Palestinians have rejected the two-state solution, and they started the Intifada. There is no realization on their part that this is a failed, miserable strategy and that the popular violence of the intifada has lead to increased violenc and seperation of the land.

The article also states that Palestinian carjackings have been able "somehow" go on despite the wall. This insinuates that the wall is useless, and will do nothing to stem the tide of the attacks. In reality, the wall is only partially built, but has already significantly reduced the number of attacks.

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