Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ali G in the house, booyaka sha!

This guy is brilliant. A degree from cambridge, several characters he can do, and an amazing approach to getting the powerful to admit to things. Check this out:

BARON COHEN Exactly. We were in a private gentlemen's club in Jackson, Miss. And all the serving staff were black. There's this unsaid racism; there's still segregation there. I can't remember the actual line, but I asked if he had slaves, and he said, "Slavery's over now." And I go, "Yeah, that's right." He goes, "It's good." And I go, "Good for them!" He goes, "Yeah, good for them. Bad for us."

That guy normally would never say that he thought it's a shame that slavery doesn't exist anymore. But because he's in the room with somebody who's totally naïve and seems to not mind that slavery existed, he was fully honest.

HEFFERNAN So what have you learned about America that you didn't learn when you were in Atlanta working on your college thesis on civil rights?

BARON COHEN Some areas of America are scary. When I was doing Bruno at the Alabama-Mississippi football game, the moment I stood on the field the whole crowd started booing. And about half the crowd started yelling, "Faggot, faggot!" And spitting, and saying, "We're going to kill you." It's a very weird sensation.

Wow. Check out the full interview here. It seems he got Naomi Wolff to rap.

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