Thursday, July 08, 2004

Michael Bolton and Svend Robinson Duet

Why do you try to cheat?
And trample people under your feet
Don't you know it is wrong?
To cheat the trying man
So you better stop, it is the wrong 'em boyo

-------Wrong 'em Boyo, The Clash

Okay, this is childish, but Svend's lawyer's name is Michael Bolton...Check this out though:

Robinson to plead guilty: lawyer

Globe and Mail Update

Former New Democrat MP Svend Robinson will plead guilty Aug. 6 on a charge of theft over $5,000, his lawyer said Thursday.

Mr. Robinson did not appear during a brief hearing in provincial court in Richmond, but defence lawyer Michael Bolton told reporters that Mr. Robinson will plead guilty next month.

Mr. Bolton said Mr. Robinson “has indicated from the outset he'll be accepting full responsibility for his actions.”

Asked by reporters if that meant he will plead guilty, Mr. Bolton said: “That's what that means.”

That's an assinine little comment, no? I'm so biting my tongue on this one: So many jokes/so little time.

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