Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Fearful in Toronto

ibbitson is running scared. his contacts in the liberal party might be useless if the conservatives get into power. this is hilarious:

Are Canadians ready for Harper's vision of Canada?

The odds now favour Stephen Harper becoming the next prime minister. Astonishing.(ed-that's code for: holy geez, i'm scared)

We could be on the brink of a Canada with lower taxes, more funding for defence, much more autonomy for the provinces, much closer diplomatic ties to the United States, and much greater exposure to deficits and debt in the event of an economic downturn. (ed-by reducing waste we get...closer to deficits?)

There is little sense that most Canadians actively want this future for their country. (ed-not your 'vision' anyways) There is, however, such a deep and abiding resentment of the Liberal Party, and so profound a disenchantment with the first months of Prime Minister Paul Martin's government, that they may be ready to give a Conservative Canada a shot.

The unanswered question is whether voters are fully awake or simply mumbling in their sleep. Because as it now stands, the electorate is flirting with a constitutional nightmare.(ed-that's why the call these things opinion pages. a nightmare, eh?its called 'projecting' in psychology)
Two-thirds of all Canadians have decided that the country needs a change of regime, and as many Ontario voters are ready to vote Conservative as are willing to stay Liberal — a huge shift that even the most enthusiastic Conservative supporters could not have honestly and confidently predicted.(ed-i think its pretty much just you who could not have predicted it. maybe you should check your own files. the alliance and tories had together over 39% of the vote in the last election. by my count they are still 10% behind. idiot.)

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