Tuesday, June 01, 2004

34-30 Libs vs. Cons

another survey by bellglobemedia/ctv/globeandmail/ipsos reid shows that the cons are in tight.

Canada's Liberals in trouble in election race
Reuters, 06.01.04, 12:32 AM ET

By Randall Palmer

OTTAWA, June 1 (Reuters) - Canada's Conservatives, in opposition for the last decade, have sharply narrowed the gap in public support with Prime Minister Paul Martin's Liberals in the campaign for the June 28 election, a new poll showed on Monday.

An Ipsos-Reid poll taken for CTV and the Globe and Mail newspaper and released late on Monday night raised anew the prospect that the activist Liberals might not just lose their parliamentary majority but might actually lose power to the tax-cutting Conservatives.

The poll showed the Liberals leading the Conservatives by 34 percent to 30 percent, compared to the last survey by the same company of 35 to 26 percent.

The Liberals have been in power since 1993, and on May 23 Martin called for an early election in a gamble to capture his own mandate since he took over as prime minister from fellow Liberal Jean Chretien in December.

If the current numbers were translated into votes, they would result in 122 to 126 Liberal seats in the 308-seat House of Commons, well short of the 155 needed for a majority, CTV said. The Conservatives would be set to win 107-111 seats.

those are big numbers for the cons....this is the second poll that confirms their standing. i hope the cbc/globe will start quoting the 30% marker for the tories rather than the 26% number that is now a month old.

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