Saturday, March 06, 2004

Organizational Culture and The PMO's Wishful thinking.

is martin sounding more and more like a completely desperate fool? at least he is fooling the tools at the toronto star. here he states that the organizational culture of cronyism and patronage at crown corps is over.


is he changing the old guard of the upper management of the crowns?
is he changing their rules, ingrained routines and policies?
is he proposing new legislation to change the rules?


anyone with a smidgeon of organizational behaviour background knows that a change of organizational culture takes years. especially with a large organization. and via, canada post and the rcmp...oh yes, and federal government are amongst the biggest organizations in canada. or, in the governments case...

the largest organization in canada. ever.

how long do you think it will take to change that culture? without new rules? within 2 weeks?

without a new government?

unbelievable. how dishonest and stupid is paul martin? keep watching.

Cronyism `just over' at crown agencies
Jobs no longer political, federal officials pledge

Move follows firing of VIA Rail president


OTTAWA—The Liberal government says it has put an end to the practice of giving plum crown corporation jobs to political cronies.

The president of VIA Rail was fired yesterday for his involvement in the sponsorship scandal — and his departure marks an end to the days when such jobs were dished out to political favourites, federal officials say.

"That is just over. That is politics of another era," said a senior adviser in Prime Minister Paul Martin's office. "Our perspective is that it's long past time that these appointments were professionals and that politics is taken out of the process."

yeah, okay. its over. that was yesterday. never happened, really.

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