Thursday, February 26, 2004

The Streets is Back in the Mix, Brixton Styles:

While London Bridge is burning down/
Brixton's Burning up

Newest review, from NME.

A lairy, beery Skinner sorts us out five new songs tonight. There is no single overriding new direction (he hasn’t started sampling hurdy-gurdys or anything) but definite evolution. ‘Blinded By The Light’ is a pre-pill ‘Weak Become Heroes’), ‘It Was Supposed To Be So Easy’ (spooky horns, like a Specials 45 at 33 rpm) and monster ballad ‘Dry Your Eyes’ (the weepy that Chris Martin originally sung). Our two favourites though were ‘Could Well Be In’ and ’Fit But You Know It’. ‘Could Well Be In’ is classic lyrical Skinner, up there with ‘Don’t Mug Yourself’. "I saw this thing on ITV the other week/That if she plays with her hair she’s probably keen/she’s playing with her hair regularly/So I reckon I could well be in" that has the same reggae feel as The Strokes ‘Under Control’.

Before new single ‘Fit But You Know It’, Skinner’s guitarist Morgan switches from bass to electric guitar, "We’re officially taking a more rock direction" he winks. But there is a lot of truth in that, ‘You’re Fit But You Know It’. It’s got a glam rock feel, with another top chorus "I’m not trying to pull you / even though I would like to / I think you’re really fit / You’re fit but my gosh don’t you know it?" Skinner still pushing things forward then? You knows it.

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