Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Republicans are stupid. Just ask the democratic brain trust:

this is funny...this a duke university prof defending his hirings...

"We try to hire the best, smartest people available," Brandon said of his philosophy hires. "If, as John Stuart Mill said, stupid people are generally conservative, then there are lots of conservatives we will never hire. Mill's analysis may go some way towards explaining the power of the Republican party in our society and the relative scarcity of Republicans in academia. Players in the NBA tend to be taller than average. There is a good reason for this. Members of academia tend to be a bit smarter than average. There is a good reason for this too."

Remember this, genius democrats:
gore scored c + d's in college, smoked dope the whole time and when he actually somehow got into law school and journalism school, he failed. this is about the dumbest individual you could find, and he's been in and around the democratic leaders for a decade.

genius. here's the brain trust appealing to rage, wishful thinking and lies...and, not unlike some other almost forgotten tyrants, the angry white male.

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