Sunday, February 08, 2004

No Logo? Try No Argument.
Naomi Klein ventures outside marketing and business critique and again tries to get political. her previous critiques on marketing and business wouldn't be politically biased would they? she may have started her 'research' with the end product in mind? guess that's why she avoids the matter of 'people working in sweatshops as a matter of choice' in her 'research' of sweatshops in developing nations. back to the topic...

this is from a recent Nation article.
Because all of Washington's reasons for going to war have evaporated; the only excuse left is Bush's deep desire to bring democracy to the Iraqi people. Of course, this is as much a lie as the rest--but it's a lie we can use. We can harness Bush's political weakness on Iraq to demand that the democracy lie become a reality, that Iraq be truly sovereign: unshackled by debt, unencumbered by inherited contracts, unscarred by US military bases and with full control over its resources, from oil to reparations.

Washington's hold on Baghdad is growing weaker by the day, while the pro-democracy forces inside the country grow stronger. Genuine democracy could come to Iraq, not because Bush's war was right, but because it has been proven so desperately wrong. *

so let me get this straight, the democratization of iraq which everyone now agrees is a good thing, will be used against bush because he doesn't really want it?
hmmm, i don't know. seems like most people (myself included) will have a tough time squaring that circle, especially since bush states that it is a goal of the administration every 5 mintutes. i don't see how he could really be hurt by this.

this 'analysis' sounds more like a harried whisper from one paranoid conspiracy theorist to another in the dark..."don't you see? we can use his own goal against him! ingenious!"

and if iraq has some debt, so what? they have 120b outstanding...and russia has forgiven huge chunks....(for tonnes of arms i should say..) the real debt is from russia and......france. by naomi's own reasoning, if the debt isn't forgiven, france will be the barrier to democracy. i notice she doesn't take france or russia to task for arming iraq to teeth with mirages, tanks, small arms.... typical. oh yes, and canada has some does the US! i guess they're not democracies..who knew?

...and no US bases? wow. you're not inviting a military vacuum! oh wait you are! if the US pulls its army out, the place would be chaos. i think the bases in europe have held them safe for 50 years, but....i guess europe hasn't had real democracies all that time....same with japan and south korea. why doesn't naomi preach to them about their false democracies? "germany, here i come!"

yeah, yeah, washington's hold on iraq gets weaker, the chaos that the left would love to see unfold is about to begin, democracy will not be the outcome of the war, etc... there was going to be a peoples rebellion that even if saddam was in power right now, right? it was going to be 1917, naomi. really, it was. there is no correlation between democracy in iraq and the war. repeat after me.

it wasn't that we don't know the facts of iraq, or that the CIA has been feeding the same consistent information about iraq from one president to another....BUSH LIED!!!! right. everythings a lie, until it comes from your mouth. gotcha. queue eye rolling.

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