Sunday, February 08, 2004

Palestinian mafia

The palestinians have a 'mob' problem and don't hestitate to point the finger at israel. i am registering surprise somewhere. really.

"I have never seen my city like this before, where any man with a gun can do whatever he wants. It is a dream for Israel, the way Palestinians quarrel with each other."

In a city ravaged by repeated Israeli armoured incursions since the onset of the September, 2000, intifada, few here hesitate to blame Prime Minister Ariel Sharon for the collapse of law and order.

wow. not 'we have a terrorist running the place' or 'we have several armed groups living withine our borders' or 'we have a society that glorifies killing'. nope.

the problem of gangs in nablus? ariel sharon. bad writing, bad reporting....blah. this is rehashed cbc the star is picking up this crap. what a joke.

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