Sunday, February 08, 2004

BC's Welfare Reform

Linda McQuaig goes off on gordo in the star:

Ironic as it may seem, Campbell, who asked for and received enormous slack because of his tragic background, is offering no slack for thousands of welfare recipients, who could also probably capture public sympathy if they were given a chance to recount their tragic backgrounds on national television.

It's probably unfair to compare Campbell to B.C.'s welfare recipients. After all, the welfare recipients have done nothing wrong (other than being poor in an age when the well-to-do are awfully stingy). Campbell, on the other hand, did something very wrong — he drove recklessly at high speed when he was so drunk that the police described him as staggering, slurring his words and reeking of alcohol.

It's interesting that while Campbell tried to convince voters to avoid harsh moral judgments of him, he's counting on them passing harsh moral judgments on welfare recipients.

that's impressive. somehow because campbell is drunk driving he can't implement welfare reform....because the public showed him...slack? really? he was racked over the coals big time. as if it matters. his drunk driving conviction is now a hammer for the left to oppose any policy initiative. how lazy.

'why can't we cut taxes?' because gordo's a drunk. 'why can't we see bc rail?' because gordo's a drunk. great arguments. how about attacking the policies, linda? no? too tough? can't do it on merit?

nevermind. i'm not really down with cutting welfare for the poor. i think its mean, personally. i think they could save a lot more cutting corporate welfare.

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