Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The Gazette weighs in on Stronach
The Gazette seems to think that stronach's entrance will add some heat. I tend to agree.

In fact, you can put me down in the 'anybody but harper' camp. i don't want to see the same face from the old party grafted on to the new one. won't really work for a variety of reasons.

one key reason, is that all the charges of 'stupid western hick' against the alliance will be eliminated with the emergence of a sophisticated, eastern woman. certainly, i have no beef with westerners (being one) , and frankly i'm more than a little skeptical of the eastern establishment...but having one them on the face of the party bodes least for a leadership campaign.

this can't simply be a hand over of power to harper of the entire pc party. also, it seems that stronach has the eye of the international press, which is impressive in itself as canadian politics has international coverage on par with the latest basket weaving techniques.
Newsday okay, so AP picked it up, but the US outlets are picking up the AP sue me.
Forbes, yeah, this is a reuters report...

but san jose mercury news, seattle PI, newsday, forbes, atlanta journal, san fran chronicle...these are not typical news outlets for canadian politics....and its all because of the potential campaign of one belinda stronach.

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