Wednesday, January 14, 2004

The CS monitor picks up on the can-us detente.
hmmm, seems the US was at least noticing that our relationship was not as secure as it might have that a collective sigh of relief from both sides of the border?

Communications Breakdown, Arar Styles
after raising a stink about arar being sent to syria, instead of caring what happens to other canadians in saudia arabia or lebanon...canada is coming to grips with the fact that the RCMP probably sent arar packing with the aid of the US.... here's the canadian darth vaders' view (norman spector):

Mr. Cellucci says the RCMP did not want him sent home. Does this mean they expressed no view about Mr. Arar's ultimate destination — notwithstanding that rendition by U.S. authorities to countries such as Syria is common knowledge in police circles? Or, and one cannot exclude this possibility in light of recent leaks about Mr. Arar's alleged past associations, did an RCMP agent wink at Mr. Arar's deportation, or perhaps go so far as to express sympathy for sending him to Syria?


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