Sunday, January 11, 2004

BC Federal Liberals: Slowly going under
New drug scandal details: Pot plot found in ex-aide's home
Basi top organizer for Liberals in B.C.

More membership scandal details: Dead dog got Liberal party cards, letters

So lets quickly recap:
Basi is a top federal organizer for Paul Martin. Mr Basi is allegedly involved with indo canadian gangs running marijuana for coke w/ american gangs in california in straight pound for pound deals. Basi has now been busted for a massive grow op in shawnigan. (can i suggest this one be called Basigate?).

the deals are supposedly to raise money to buy memberships (hence the dog having a membership from the Liberals).

this is big. what has martin said? nothing other than the police aren't investigating any political parties. like there are others to investigate! are they looking for the NDP? no.

but memberships for the federal liberals in bc (having gone from 2000 to 40000 in less than two years) have probably been bought with drug money.

drug money for memberships. and the cbc and globe 'n mail have said zip. their coverage of this shit is unbelievably low. canwest, such as it is, is the the only news service convering this stuff.

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