Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Vancouver Police Department- Canada's LAPD

Police and thieves in the street
Oh yeah!
Fighting the nation with their guns and ammunition
And all the peacemaker turn war officer
--The Clash
The Vancouver Police Department has struck again:
VANCOUVER - The family of the Vancouver man injured by police in a case of mistaken identity Thursday is not ready to accept the Vancouver police department’s apology.

Two plainclothes police officers arrived at Yao Wei Wu’s south Vancouver home at 2:20 a.m. Thursday after receiving a call from a woman at the residence who said she was being attacked by her husband and feared for the safety of their baby.

What police didn’t know was that there were two suites in the home and they had gone to the wrong door.
Yes, the VPD thought this guy was a threat and beat him accordingly.

Imagine if Wu had been running around in the night, pulling innocent people from their homes and beating them? What would the police response be then?

Well, we have an answer to that hypothetical: The right hand will investigate the left hand. Here's the Police Chief...
Chu would not say where the information about Wu resisting arrest came from, but said the department would conduct its own investigation into the incident and he saw no reason to bring in an outside force.
No, of course not. Unless, perhaps investigating yourself is a conflict of interest. Whatever, I'm sure VPD officer attacks on innocent civilians and subsequent "investigations" of the same incidents isn't it?
Former bar manager Sarah Penman says a run-in between a Vancouver police sergeant and a customer outside the Regal Beagle last summer was so distressful she had to quit her job.

The Province has obtained a copy of a surveillance videotape from the popular Kitsilano bar that documents an incident allegedly involving Sgt. Darcy Taylor, a 20-year member of the Vancouver Police Department, and an alleged victim
The video shows a police officer rushing from across Broadway toward a group of three people standing on the sidewalk.

The officer delivers a blow to the man’s chest and knocks him off his feet onto the sidewalk.

The man’s lawyer, Jason Tarnow, said his client suffered a bruised chin and smacked the back of his head on the sidewalk when he was sent flying.

“The cop was telling Justin, ‘What are you going to do now? Hit me. Hit me,’” said Penman.
What do you wanna bet the police are investigating the police on this one?
Penman said she has been interviewed by police investigating the incident .


Vancouver has a serious crime problem and the VPD is a part of it.

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