Sunday, May 31, 2009

Profligate Spendthrift Unimpressed With Substance

But I won’t let you sit by
So cold in the pitch night
You can’t make amends

The former expense account junkie, Adrienne Clarkson, showed up in Iqaluit last week.
She was entering the Frobisher Inn Gallery restaurant as if she were royalty, being late for her lunch appointment and then presenting herself to the room for several moments before finding her seat.

But she knew exactly where she was sitting. John Ralston Saul was sitting with her party of a dozen right at the front of the restaurant.


Anyways, the disgraced Clarkson decided to get catty with Michaelle Jean, a supercharged charismatic and down to earth woman, far superior in every way to the former GG:
Clarkson unimpressed with Jean's seal-eating gesture
By Alexander Panetta – 4 hours ago

IQALUIT, Nunavut — At least one person's unimpressed by all the fuss over the seal-skinning adventures of Michaelle Jean: her predecessor as Governor General.

Adrienne Clarkson was curt when asked by a reporter about Jean's headline-grabbing gesture last week, and Clarkson's own memories of meals with the Inuit.

"I've eaten raw food here since 1971. It's nothing new to me, okay?" Clarkson told The Canadian Press this weekend. Both women were attending an arctic gathering hosted by Clarkson's husband John Ralston Saul.

Yes, but did Clarkson eat seal in front of the media in order to defend Canada's seal hunt? Did she send the world a message of solidarity with other Canadians?

What a bitchy, self-centred response.

The issue was not about her, it was about Michaelle Jean, and Michaelle's gesture, not about what Clarkson had eaten and when. Nobody cares what Clarkson did in '71, and no one wants to hear about it.

Somehow, this ugly leftover from the Chretien Regime just regurgitated her self-important bile all over the news again.

Dear Adrienne: Please disappear for another 5 years or so. This is the last Canadians will need to hear from you for a long, long time.

Interpol asks us all to spare them the suspense:

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