Thursday, October 30, 2008

BC Byelection Asterisks

I'll give ya a dose
But it can never come close
An item from the CBC:
New Democratic candidates won both seats in Wednesday's provincial byelections in Vancouver-Burrard and Vancouver-Fairview, according to initial counts by Elections B.C.

The NDP's Spencer Herbert, a former park board commissioner, beat Liberal Arthur Griffiths in the formerly Liberal riding of Vancouver-Burrard after all polls had reported.

Herbert received 6,516 votes while Griffiths received 4,841 votes after all 195 polls had reported. Drina Alicia Read of the Green Party of B.C. got 686 votes.

The Vancouver-Fairview riding will remain in NDP hands after NDP candidate Jenn McGinn trumped the Liberal party's Margaret MacDiarmid, as of the initial count in that riding.

Nevermind the government spin - Herbert ran a strong campaign based on a good ground game - remember, this guy went up against a business heavyweight in Griffiths. Campbell should stop with the "No government in 27 years" BS and realize he's sitting on some potential "election in May '09" time bombs:

1. The carbon tax. Everyone hates it, and there are plenty people pissed about this and the "dedicated" tax for infrastructure already on gas prices.

2. Education cuts. No explanation needed.

3. Homelessness. It's gone up 33% in Vancouver alone since 2005. Maybe the NDP started this fire in the 90's but the BC Liberals have done zip to hose it down.

4. Unaffordable housing in the lower mainland. We have a massive bubble in the lower mainland housing situation and renters are being displaced by condo developments - Herbert ran his whole campaign on this issue. Take note.

If Campbell is planning on the hinterlands coming through, he has done jack squat to help the forest industry in his 10 point plan to show it. Also, he's alienated the hell out of rural voters with the repeated taxes on gas. Hell, even urban voters who are/were initially for the tax now hate it because there is precious little in dependable/non-frustrating public transit in the Lower Mainland as an alternate to driving.

If Campbell wants to think that it's all good for the BC Liberals in BC he needs a wake up call. The NDP has made more blunders than McCain/Palin and Dion put together, but they're going to be right in the thick of things come May '09, and Campbell should get his head in the game if he wants his party to stay afloat.

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