Sunday, September 14, 2008

Vote Shopping In Canuckistan, part 4

Today, for review: the Conservatives' foreign policy....a search of the site and....nothing. No foreign policy to review. The closest thing they have are talking points regarding National Sovereignty, in regards to northern Canada:
Economic development – unleashing the resource-based potential of the North;
National sovereignty – protecting our land, airspace and territorial waters;
Northern input and control – ending paternalistic federal policies of past governments;
Environmental protection – protecting the unique Northern environment;

With concrete results:

Construction of eight Arctic Offshore Patrol Ships;
Construction of an Arctic deep water port;
Increased northern surveillance by the Canadian Forces;
Invested $20.5 million into climate change research in the Arctic; and
Contributed $150 million for scientific research to coincide with the International Polar Year.

Ok, not much to argue or discuss here. I'm glad the Conservatives are addressing the north, as it will be the most important domestic national security issue over the next 20 years, but this isn't much to go on.

I have to ask again: Why are the Greens the only party with an articulated foreign policy on their website?

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