Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Letter To Elizabeth May

Dear Ms. May:

I understand you said something recently to the effect that "Canadians are stupid" wihch was recorded on Youtube. This generally says more about the politician saying the remark than making any real insight into the cognitive abilities of Canadians collectively.

Futher to this error, your party is now attempting to silence free speech by threatening bloggers with legal suits if they attempt to show the Youtube audio of your voice making this statement.

Which is funny because only a few days ago you said, in response to being excluded from the debate, which you, myself, and many other Canadians were upset about:
“Here we are, day two of the Canadian election, and democracy is already taking a beating!”
What irony.

What irony that the party that depended on free speech and the good will of Canadians this last week has already trampled on both in a matter of a day.

First, you insulted Canadians.

Now you attempt to take away a basic freedom through intimidation and a ridiculous legal threat.

Have you no shame? Has your party no conscience, or sense of decency?

This is an outrage. Do the right thing and call off your legal action.


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