Wednesday, June 04, 2008

You've Gotta Have A Hardback

First up it's important that you keep your shit original
Try and keep that copycat shit to a minimal
People want something that they never heard before
If it's been done, leave it, they don't wanna hear no more
--Dizzee Rascal

Obama knows what is ahead of him:
NEW YORK - A day after he clinched the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Barack Obama said Wednesday that he expected an organized Republican attack on his integrity and patriotism because “it’s very hard for them to talk about where they want to take the country.”

Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois, touched on a variety of issues in a wide-ranging interview with Brian Williams, anchor of “NBC Nightly News.” Among them were what roles his defeated rival for the nomination, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, and her husband, the former president, might play in his campaign, as well as how soon he expected to debate his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain.

The important thing, Obama said, is to find the best way to build a united Democratic fall campaign to answer what he expects to be a Republican assault on his devotion to America — “the attempt to paint me as a very risky choice.”

We're already aware of the whisper campaign against him and the inuendo even from the Clinton camp regarding his religion (ie: He's not a muslim as far as I know).

But we know this tune.

They say that every army fights the last war (with the exception of the US army, which had perfected counter-insurgency warfare at the end of Vietnam, but under Rumsfeld's tutelage, completely forgot the counter-insurgency handbook), and the GOP is no different. If it worked for turning uber-patriot John Kerry into a joke, it can work for Obama, right?

Here's the deal: McCain has all the experience (long time senator) the personal history (war hero, tortured by viet cong) and independence (maverick, tends to piss off his party)for the candidacy. These are the big guns of the McCain brand, and they will attempt to pivot the discussion into who is the "biggest" American, a matchup no candidate can win against the SUPER AMERICAN, John McCain....So, Obama recognizes that McCain's strength is the one area McCain will attempt to turn the debate, similar to the one in '04 as Kerry had to explain his heroism to the nation after multiple attacks. The second they have you explaining, they know they have you. The key is recognizing your weakness, and recognizing your enemy's strategy.

Know Your Enemy -- Sun Tzu

As Obama's telegraphs his knowledge and abilities of their tactics, the GOP is powerless to try anything new. They will use coded language (We're not saying he's not a Christian, we just don't know that he is...) and an assortment of boomer era political strategies to fight the Dems.

And Obama is aware of it. Well before the real mud slinging is underway.

It actually reminded me of a 50 cent press conference, where he was commenting on conservative Americans dislike of his music, and particularly the images and language he uses...skip to the 4:55 mark...

I'm not a big 50 fan, but this gives you an idea of why he's on top. He's not stupid. In fact, he recognizes his opponents' viewpoint and knows their motives and reasoning. He's not the genius he claimed he was on "In da club", but he's something approaching it in hip hop circles.

Yeah, fine.... comparing 50 and Obama is ridiculous, but whatev.

Here's something raw from 1970...CCR in their prime:

"Walking along a river road at night
Barefoot girls
Dancing in the moonlight"

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