Saturday, January 26, 2008

South Carolina: Hilary's Waterloo?

The history book on the shelf
Is always repeating itself

For days I've been asking myself when the US voting public was going to awake to the fact that the Clintons have been straight up lying about Obama.

Turns out that day was today.

South Carolina is currently trending almost 55% to Obama. Yes, the black vote matters and it is showing up in South Carolina in droves. Expect a repeat in Georgia.

More importantly, regular Americans are awaking to the fact that once again Bill Clinto circa 2008 has been caught with his pants down more times in one week than Bill Clinton circa 1998. And that's saying something:
The big turning point seems to be this week, when the Clintons slammed Obama for acknowledging that Ronald Reagan changed the country. Everyone knows Reagan changed the country. Bill and Hillary have said he changed the country. But they falsely claimed that Obama praised Reagan's ideas, saying he was a better president than Clinton -- something he didn't say and surely does not believe.

This might have been the most egregious case, but it wasn't the first. Before the New Hampshire primaries, Clinton supporters e-mailed pro-choice voters claiming that Obama was suspect on abortion rights because he had voted "present" instead of "no" on some votes. (In fact, the president of the Illinois chapter of Planned Parenthood said she had coordinated strategy with Obama and wanted him to vote "present.") Recently, there have been waves of robocalls in South Carolina repeatedly attacking "Barack Hussein Obama."

And here's the kicker: Rasmussen is showing Obama within three points in national polling. Check out the poll of polls here....If this keeps up, Obama won't just be beating Hilary, he'll be at 100% of the vote in two months.

You have to figure that there was going to be a backlash at some point for Hilary, but she panicked. What can you do but go negative when Barack is drumming up support so quickly? She paints him as the "black candidate" a la Jesse Jackson and lets him have his fiefdom in race polarized voting but he comes back and gets the white vote too? In the south?

Feminists have to be pissed about Hilary hiding behind her man, becoming more like a proxy for the former male leader, just like some other third world female leaders (ie: Peron, Kirchner, Gandhi, et al). This isn't feminism. This isn't empowerment. It is a proxy vote and it is the politics of dynasty. I thought it wouldn't be so bad if Hilary got in...she would be a strong and experienced leader.....

But something has reminded me of why I really didn't like her in the nineties and why I could never stand her now if she was president. Yeah, she would do better than Bush, but she's just so....... fake and transparent.

Let's be real, here - usually politicians have some BS factor because they are trying to be all things to all people, but Hilary's is off the chart. At the debates the other night Barack called her out for being a corporate lawyer for Walmart for six years (yes, she's pro-union...right). She responded by saying that Obama represented a slum lord in Chicago...

He worked on a file for some non-profits and a housing owner for six hours while he was an articling student. This is somehow equated with her six years at Walmart.

The best is...she had her photo taken with said slum lord....judging from the the photo, while she was a corporate lawyer at Walmart ('86-'93)!

If there's any justice in this world, this is the beginning of the end of the Clinton legacy. Let's pray after super Tuesday there's a sigh and an end to their lies.

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