Sunday, January 06, 2008

Help On The Way: NH Is In the Bag

They say the game in trouble
Help on the way
Don't worry bout nothin
Help on the way

You hear my name so hot,
I got the game on lock
You ***** keep floppin,
But i remain on top

The republicans debate Obama's potential candidacy here, but it appears now it is all but assured: John Edwards wants a two-horse race and is attempting to bury Hillary as her stock falls in New Hampshire.

Edwards will knock out Obama's only real competition in a national campaign, while he struggles financially to come up with the cash required to carry on in the other primaries:
Public matching funds, a survival option for struggling candidates in a year of record-obliterating fund-raising, affords a lifeline for former senator John Edwards of North Carolina, second among Democrats in Iowa, and Senator John McCain of Arizona, who finished fourth among Republicans and whose campaign has gone into debt to stay afloat. Both are still competitive. Edwards has qualified for an initial $8.8 million with more available as he raises additional funds. McCain qualified for $5.8 million. McCain's campaign, however, retains the option of rejecting the funds, which come with strings attached - tight spending caps in each state.

This is not good when you consider...
Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, the big winner in Iowa, raised about $23 million in the past three months of 2007

Yes, and the war chest from '07 is still in the tens of millions...and after Iowa, the Obama cash is already gushing:
"A large number of people are expeditiously reevaluating their perspective in the race," said Orin Kramer, a New York City financier and fundraiser for Obama, a first-term senator from Illinois.

The fix is in. Hillary's got cash but without a win she's done with an assist to Edwards.... Meanwhile, Obama is about to take NH, with a rolling average lead of over 7 points over the last few days, and new polls showing over 10 points between him and Hillary. If she loses two in a row off the bat, this could be over before it starts.

She looks and sounds like an angry loser and I don't blame her. All that time, money and organization...just to be snuffed out by a Washington neophyte.

Nothing says "Vote for Hill" like furious anger!

Key Hillary quote no one is picking up:
"Making change isn't about what you believe in"

Beliefs don't matter - Spoken like a true focus group politician.

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