Wednesday, December 05, 2007

NP: Self-Hatred, Continued

I used to be a big National Post fan (some embarrassment there) when they had Mordecai Richler, Mark Steyn, Mark Kingston, Peter C. Neuman and a host of other super talented writers on staff everyday. One thing that has always bothered me, and still tends to bother me about the paper is its latent, crypto-Americanist (yes, Americanist) tendency coupled with a virulent anti-Canadian perspective. Take for instance its "Canada in six words or less" contest, which is pretty self-explanatory....Readers send in their six word definition of the country and the editorial board roars with laughter while choosing the most hilarious way to disparage Canada. This is the kind of self-masturbatory BS the NP editorial board must love:
“Medicare, we’re dying to keep it.” C.N. Johannesson, Calgary.

“If countries are clothes, we’re cardigans.” Paul Meyer and Jane Power, Montrose, B.C.

“Life, liberty and pursuit of hockeyness.” Lawrence Hickman, Victoria, B.C.

“Proud to be humble.” Nesta Morris, Unionville, Ont.

“Double Double, from Sea to Sea.” Pat Harris, Toronto.

“Canada: Mostly OK.” (Alexander) Sandy Baillie, Munster, Ont.

“From inquiry to inquiry.” Gord Nixon, Barrie, Ont.

“Endless possibilities squandered in political correctness.” Gary Valcour, Oshawa, Ont.

“Canada — a home for the world.” Deborah Torenvliet, Ottawa.

“Canada: Nobody gives a puck.” Charles Cook, Toronto.

Pure genius! Substituting "puck" for a swear word to describe how meaningless our national identity is? What a nutter!

"Canada: Mostly OK" hahhahahaha. That is sooooo....mediocre...just like Canada! Hahahaha. Yeah, we're so middle of the road. Good for the yucks, yeah?

“Endless possibilities squandered in political correctness.” Exactly. Canada could be awesome if it just stopped respecting its citizens and called first nations people "indians", reverted to using the n-word, and stopped giving a crap whether or not we levied a head tax on Chinese immigrants. This is truly the essence of what is wrong with our country.

/sarcasm off.

Seriously, this batch of uninteresting and semi-literate ADD-adled responses is about as relevant as the Beta vs. VHS debates. Its hateful and unpatriotic, and if there was one nationalist on staff at the NP, they should be making a stink about this kind of garbage, ASAP.

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