Thursday, November 15, 2007

Outrage: RCMP Taser death

They say they're keeping the peace
But I'm not buying it because a billy club ain't much of a pacifier
Protecting your freedom
Man that's just a lie
It's an excuse for power that's more like an alibi
--Offspring [edit]

Unbelievable. This isn't some random incident in some police state hell - this is Canada:

Yeah, ok usual disclaimer: most RCMP do their job just fine, etc, etc, they do a tough job...But dying in police custody *Cough*Ian Bush*Cough* is becoming more common it seems.

This was an unjustifiable attack on an unarmed man, and not at all in keeping with what we may consider calm, compassion and reason that we might associate with the RCMP. This was a brutal attack on a man long past his comfort zone in close captivity for several hours in a foreign land. Yes, you may go a little crazy and act out if you were held like an animal and forgotten for no real reason. So bring on the apologist who will attempt to put some BS spin on these actions, but who are going to believe? The RCMP or your lyin' eyes?

Worse, is that the person filming had his camera taken away by the RCMP, and was only returned under a freedom of information request.

So yes, there was a cover up.

Back to video - take note of:
a) the length of time the RCMP used to confront and attempt to calm the man - nil.
b) the attempts of the police to bring him in without force - none.
c) the violence towards individual officers that would justify the force applied - none.
d) the professional judgement applied that would indicate that the suspect was rendered harmless within seconds - nil.
d) the restraint by RCMP officers after the man was clearly restrained - zero.

The RCMP failed. Failed Mr. Dziekanski, his family, Vancouver, Canada and Canadians in general. It is an outrage and an atrocity.


matt said...

oh well, at least the police haven't killed two more innocent people since then with tazers... oh, that's right... they have.

Anonymous said...

They need to change the name from RCMP to SS. Whatever happened to a free country and presumed innocent? I know I have been hand cuffed, forced into the back of a police car and told I was going to jail for no reason, never told I was arrested or read my rights.