Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Stay True to My Grammar

Baird Vs. Suzuki, round one.

Baird: This is the most action any government has taken in the history of Canada. [ed-I'm paraphrasing here]

Suzuki: It's not enough, John.

Suzuki's target audience is the extremist, of course, so rational discourse won't be necessary when discussing policy with someone responsible for Canada, not single issue radicals. The type who won't consider effective means of limiting C02 emissions like carbon markets because "it still allows for pollution". Suzuki does more for Conservatives by opening his mouth than staying silent, as he usually kills his own reputation as an environmental saint by extremism in action and in words.

He once chastised an acquaintance of mine working her garden in Kitsilano because gardening "tears up the earth", while he himself resides in a massion overlooking Burrard Inlet.

He wrote that offshore oil should be banned off the westcoast because "Neptune" (god of the sea) would be "angry".

In short, it's nice to see Suzuki out of his cage and making an ass of himself. The environment needs serious and engaging leadership to step forward, and Suzuki is not the man for the job.
Speaking of which, I was kind of warming to Al Gore's brand of even-handed activism and serious discussion as persuasion in the cause of the environment, but I think the mask slipped a bit. He's attacked the Canadian government's plan as a "fraud".

Interesting if you consider for a moment that his own administration did so little for the environment, he now has the cohones to launch partisan attacks against a regime far more progressive than his own, and considering how weak the real criticism was from all sides....Gore seems to realize that at least some people are going to tell him screw off:
Mr. Gore acknowledged he is not a Canadian citizen and said he has “no right to interfere in your decisions.”

However, he said, the rest of the world looks to Canada for moral leadership, and that's why this week's announcement was so “shocking.”

Can these guys give any more vague reasons for hating the plan? I'll wait to jump on the government after I hear what calm and reasoned dialogue can produce regarding the announcement, thanks.
The non-calm and completely irrational can be fun however if it is musical and who's best and being crazy and unhinged? Rage Against the Machine. Yeah, that's right....they're back for Coachella! Here's one persons' dream set list for the show:
Take the Power Back
People of the Sun
Rat in a Cage of Funk
Wake Up
Fistfull of Steel
No Shelter
Guerilla Radio
Proud to Be an American
Bullet in the Head
I'm Housin'
Bulls on Parade
Know Your Enemy
Calm like a Bomb
How I Could Just Kill a man
Sleep Now in the Fire
Born a Broken Man
Renegades of Funk
Killing in the Name
Wake Up

Nice. I'll go with "No Shelter" for the close. Here it is in all its glory:

Empty your pockets son they got you thinkin' that
What you need is what they sellin'
Make you think that buyin' is rebellin'
From the theaters to malls on every shore
The thin line between entertainment and war!


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