Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sinn Fein: Your Problem Was Obvious

I dont believe in
Or hypocrisy
Could everyone agree that
No one should be left alone

The Sinn Fein gets its act together and recognizes the police of N. Ireland...Having said that, the "Police Service of N. Ireland" will have to show its anything but a glorified protestant/partisan militia (a la shades of the Iraqi Army).

This can only mean that the police will have to start recruiting Catholics, and the IRA will have to stop killing Catholics who join up. Sounds basic, but that's the stage we're at. Large parts of Belfast and Derry are simply not patrolled by the police because of the omni-presence of the IRA, the real source of "order" in Catholic neighbourhoods.

Of course, to get a taste of why these basic steps have taken so long, you only need to hear the last major leader of a Western nation that would have taken pride of place in any S. African apartheid government:

[Rev. Ian] Paisley last night claimed his party had "forced Sinn Fein to recognise support for the police and the rule of law as an issue of paramount importance for which there can be no other way. Sinn Fein must now walk this road."

What a tool. In any other normal country, Paisley would have praised his opponent for taking such a courageous step (think in the context of N. Ireland here). Instead, this being N. Ireland and Paisley being the racist moron he is, it's time to kick sand in the face of Gerry Adams and Sinn Fein.

Of course, its not the only reason things have taken so long, but how can you expect real progress to be made when your partner in peace is the race-baiting Al Sharpton of N. Ireland?

Anyways, here's Filter, with their impression of "Bad" by U2:

...and here are the masters:

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