Tuesday, December 19, 2006

You Know Things Are Bad For You When...

1. A Palestinian says he doesn't want his country to become as crazy/violent as yours:
Khaled Shaker. "Most people here are disappointed with Hamas and Fatah. This war plays into the hands of Israel, whose leaders must be laughing at us now. We demand an end to the fighting before Palestine becomes a second Iraq."

2. Mel Gibson feels sorry for you in regards to your PR problems:
London: Actor Mel Gibson has come to the support of troubled pop star Britney Spears as she deals with reports of partying and being photographed without any underclothes.

Gibson, who had his own share of problems when he was arrested for drunken driving, says he sympathises with Spears.

(......right before he headed to Iran's "Holocaust Study" or whatever David Duke calls it.)

3. Your school trustee, in charge of making sure your kids are well educated, makes statements that make about as much sense as disbanding the entire standing army of the country you just invaded:
'Firearms are a healthy part of society,' says pistol-packin' Vancouver school trustee
Outstanding...ahh, but there's even more inspired rhetoric from this quotalicious gem of a woman:
She says Canadians need to broaden their thinking about gun ownership because they aren't just used to commit crime [sic] and acts of violence.
Yep, that's something Canadians should just get used to, I reckon. Good work, chief. A good dose of desensitization to violence coupled with a massive influx of legalized assault weapons would be about as healthy as getting your daily greens, me thinks.

Pure genius.

*Psssssht!* We interrupt this to bring you a special message from the reigning king of New York!

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