Sunday, December 03, 2006

Canadian Election: It's Goin' Down

If you gotta problem say it to my face
We can knuckle up anytime any place

Meet me on the trail - it's goin down
Meet me in the mall - it's goin down
Meet me in the club - it's goin down
Anywhere you meet me guaranteed to go down
--Yung Joc
Dion's got next:
`I want to be ready for an election'
Expected as early as next spring
Dec. 4, 2006. 01:00 AM

MONTREAL—Canadians will get their first chance today to see new Liberal leader St├ęphane Dion in combat with Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Dion said he talked to Harper on Saturday night, shortly after he won the Liberal crown in an exciting four-ballot convention, and the Prime Minister assured him he'd be in the Commons today to welcome him into the political fray.

Dion told reporters yesterday he'd wait to see whether he wanted to bring Harper's government down over the next budget, expected early in the new year.
If you've ever wondered about the timing of the release of "Inconvenient Truth", Gore was strategically planning to release movie when environmental issues would make an impact as they did in 1990 - (when environmentalism was a hot topic) as the economy was in full swing. Of course, a recession hit, and nobody cared about environmentalism for a long time.

Dion, with his green placards and brand positioning as the "green" candidate needs to strike when the iron's hot. Canadians have regained financial strength and for the most part are turning to issues of choice, not necessity. Dion, for his part, knows that the economy will be slowing down next year and that there is a good chance of an American currency meltdown that could further threaten the Canadian market. He needs a fight to go down pronto to take advantage. Chances are, the collective Liberal consciousness had this in mind when they picked him.

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