Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Ombudsman, Nuala O'Loan

Too many fingers, too many thumbs
Something wicked this way comes
Fearless, fearless, ohh
--The Bravery

She's the Irish Sheila Fraser and she's got more balls than the daily lottery:
O'Loan to report on Claudy suspect allegations

29 October 2006 21:51
A report by the North's Police Ombudsman, due to be published next month, is expected to cause embarrassment to the British government, the Catholic Church and the police.

The Ombudsman, Nuala O'Loan, has been investigating allegations that after nine people died in the Claudy bombing in 1972, senior figures from the Catholic Church, the British government and the RUC conspired to move one of the potential suspects, a Catholic priest, from the jurisdiction.

English born, Northern Irish educated, O'Loan has been fighting the church, state and paramilitaries since the 70's. She lost her first child due to an IRA bombing in '77, and is now the Police Service of Northern Ireland's Ombudsman, attempting to bring justice to Omagh victims even as the powers, elected or otherwise pull this crap:
A British army secret agent who infiltrated the IRA has been advised not to give evidence to the Omagh bombing trial about other informers working inside dissident republican terror groups.
The agent, known as 'Kevin Fulton', was to reveal information about informants working for the Irish and British security forces inside the Real IRA at the time of the Omagh bombing atrocity in 1998.

But the families of the Omagh victims and a British army intelligence officer turned whistleblower have confirmed this weekend that, following Fulton's arrest this month in London, the agent has been advised by his lawyers not to reveal details of the secret war against republicans at the non-jury trial of Sean Hoey in Belfast or at a planned public inquiry into collusion in the republic.

That's right. In an effort to stop the rocking of the applecart, the British government decided to protect the idiots of the IRA who massacred 30 Protestant and Catholic innocents and those shmucks of the RUC who did a piss poor job looking into it.

She needs to raise an Irish fist and resist. O'Loan is courage, personified.
There's no simple explanation
For anything important any of us do
And yea the human tragedy
Consists in the necessity
Of living with the consequences
Under pressure!
Under pressure!
My word!
--Tragically Hip

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