Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Check Yourself Before You....

Some of these ****** are bitches, too
And some of these ******
Look just like you

Y'know, at least the NDP just came out and said what they really thought when they called our own soldiers "terrorists". We can now put the NDP in the "Not Fucking Serious" pile of Canadian parties. They spoke their minds, and we know where they stand. Yes, it must be nice being in the "We're never going to win so why be be serious" boat. I won't go on to much with this subject as others have already covered it.

The guys who really have to come out and say it are the Liberals.

What the NDP said was what the Liberals have been insinuating through actions for years. They decimated the army with horrendous budget cuts, forced CF men and women into dangerous Sea Kings for polical purposes, sent them on dangerous missions with inappropriate and inadequate equipment. Now we have Ken Dryden asking why the CF are in Afghanistan in the first place. Because you sent them there, dick. It hasn't been that long since 2001 when the Liberals tossed are guys into the ring. Well, our guys have been doing a fine job and I don't think anyone going up against the JTF 2 or the PPLI is going to come out on top. The competency of the CF is not in question, despite what some joke party thinks.

Harper should call out every one of the Liberals opposing the mission- Brison, Ignatieff and a host of other Liberals who realize the importance of not letting Afghanistan fall will fight on principle on this issue. In fact, if Bob Rae becomes the anti war Liberal leader, they will have badly divided their own party and will bid adieu to the sensible wing of their party for some time.

Name names. Fight them in the streets. Fight them in the commons. Fight them in the ridings. Fight them in Quebec.

Just don't let them attack the CF.

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