Thursday, August 10, 2006

The Refugee Camp

Help me
How can you help me?

In the evening
She is waiting
Waiting for her man to come
And take her by her hand
And take her to this promise land

Wa- war
She's a refugee!

Even as we acknowledge that Israel is obviously on the righteous side of this conflict, it is worth remembering that every war has its refugees who are in no way responsible for the conflict around them:
UN Refugee Agency Widens Efforts To Aid Lebanon Refugees

LONDON (AP)--The U.N. is broadening its effort to aid thousands of people displaced by worsening violence between Israel and Hezbollah, the organization's refugee agency said Thursday.

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees has launched a multimillion-dollar operation that will deploy emergency teams to Lebanon, where thousands have fled to the mountains for safety after fighting that began July 12 when Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers in a cross-border raid.

About 500,000 people are estimated now to be homeless.

Let's hope that the civies can get out of the way of this before the mega-attacks begin:
The Israeli security cabinet approved an army plan to expand the ground offensive in southern Lebanon, the BBC reported.

More than 30,000 Israeli soldiers could be needed for the offensive, which is expected to reach the Litani River, up to 30 km from the Israeli-Lebanon border.

Here's a question-Why didIsrael copy the weak US strategy of half-stepping into enemy territory with their weapon on safety? It should have been balls out from the get go. Hezbollah is still getting worked badly, but why did Israel go in with the same size force into battle? ....uh...yeah...y'know, maybe it was that demented catch phrase "dis/proportional" response.

Anyways, here's Bob speaking to the people of the camps:
I remember
When we used to sit
In da government yard in trenchtown
And then Georgie would make a fire light
As it was-love was burning through the night

Then I would cook
Some meal porridge
Of which I'll share with you! Ooooh!
--Bob Marley

Bob marley poet and a prophet
Bob marley taught how to off it
Bob marley walkin' like he talk it
--Red Hot Chili Peppers

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