Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Yo BC! Fix Up, Look Sharp

I'm old school like Happy Shopper,
I fight old school, bring your bat and your chopper,
And a First Aid Kit, and some antiseptic, this could get hectic,
I'm a done accept it, you got a bright future,
Dont let my shit affect it!
--Dizzee Rascal

BC needs to make like the beastie boys and get it together:
B.C. lagging behind in wooing China
Alberta, Washington advance in fastest-growing economy

B.C.'s approach to wooing Chinese trade has largely been sporadic and inconsistent, resulting in a "lack of even the most basic awareness of the province" in China, according to the provincial government-appointed advisory council on Asia Pacific trade.

The Asia Pacific Trade Council, which submitted its first set of recommendations to the premier's office on Monday, reminded the B.C. government that the province lags behind its competitors, such as Alberta and Washington State, when it comes to pursuing trade opportunities with the world's fastest growing major economy.

Alberta has three trade and investment offices in major Chinese cities, including Hong Kong, and Washington State has at least two.

B.C., meanwhile, doesn't have a single office in the country that promotes trade and investment on behalf of the province as a whole, the Council said in its report.

Seriously, if you have the human capital that BC does and you cannot parlay that into a real trade relationship with China, you have to be trying hard to avoid it. Sheeeit, what's it going to take? We've got Chinese business leaders all over the lower mainland who already kickass from Richmond to Whistler. The BC government needs to hit one of them up for a post overseas, send over its best and brightest marketing coop students from UBC and UVic and get a trade office poppin'. Like yesterday, son.

We gotta...yo, fix up/look sharp!

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