Friday, July 14, 2006

Something Big Is Going To Happen

So one's son
Or someone's daughter
Over my dead body
This is how I get sucked in
Over my dead body

The shit is going down.
JERUSALEM, Saturday, July 15 — The face-off between Israel and the Lebanese group Hezbollah escalated sharply on Friday as Israeli jets hit its Beirut headquarters and southern strongholds and Israeli news reports said a Hezbollah drone aircraft packed with explosives struck an Israeli naval vessel, causing severe damage.

Lebanese men watched the Beirut airport burn after an Israeli airstrike.
The Israeli military later reported four sailors were missing. Leaders of the two sides threatened a still more intense war as a barrage of more than 100 Hezbollah rockets flew into Israel, which said it would destroy the power of Hezbollah and drive it from Israel’s border.

Smoke billowed across Beirut’s southern skyline as the capital found itself the new front line of the conflict. With Beirut under siege and the Lebanese government largely out of sight, many Lebanese grew resigned to a crisis that was largely in the hands of foreign powers.

I'm about as pro-Israel as a western, small l-ish liberal can get.


What does Israel expect from this? Lebanon isn't going to rise up against Hizbollah-Hizbollah is too strong. So? Is Beirut supposed to restart the civil war?

I don't know what this group punishment will accomplish. Destroying airport and the power stations seems a little cruel, no? I don't see this ending well. Usually, I'm down like a clown. Not this time. This is not good.

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