Saturday, July 29, 2006

I Own Malibu

Remember how you kinda sorta maybe thought Mel Gibson was anti-semetic because his dad's a holocaust denier and Mel kinda sorta maybe dropped hints that he didn't like Jews?

Sheeeit, where there's smoke, there's fire:
TMZ has learned that Mel Gibson went on a rampage when he was arrested Friday on suspicion of drunk driving, hurling religious epithets.
Once inside the car, a source directly connected with the case says Gibson began banging himself against the seat. The report says Gibson told the deputy, "You mother f****r. I'm going to f*** you." The report also says "Gibson almost continually [sic] threatened me saying he 'owns Malibu' and will spend all of his money to 'get even' with me."

The report says Gibson then launched into a barrage of anti-Semitic statements: "F*****g Jews... The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." Gibson then asked the deputy, "Are you a Jew?"

Dear Mel:

Welcome to crazy jew hatred land. Population: you.

...and some neo nazis, militant Islamists and Pat Buchanan.

Nice company.

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