Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NoKo, I see you scheming

I see you scheming,
***** keep on dreaming,
I hurt ya mans
I'll teach you how to stunt

An exhibitionist knows how to draw attention:
The Pentagon activated its new U.S. ground-based interceptor missile defense system, and officials announced yesterday that any long-range missile launch by North Korea would be considered a "provocative act."

...gets a "Nihhon Gone Wild" response out of Koizumi:
In Tokyo, Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi said Japan and South Korea are trying to avert a launch.
"Even now, we hope that they will not do this," Mr. Koizumi said. "But if they ignore our views and launch a missile, then the Japanese government, consulting with the United States, would have to respond harshly."

Wow. That was a rather straightforward response.

As usual, the NoKo media outlet (yes, the one) was silent about this sheeeeit. Yeah, it derides "Japan's Militarization". Do they write this shit with a straight face, or just laugh their ass off?
I think NoKo is jealous of its Axis of Evil twin, Iran. They're like the GI Joe Viper Twins: they know each other's moves and use them.

....Use nuke threat as foreign policy (check!), demonize outside groups to stifle internal dissent (check!), have a leader who will threaten any country, any day of the week (check!), leader who sings "I'm so ronery" to himself (NoKo only.)

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