Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Week In Crazy

I get chased by space aliens
A brainiac, with a cranium packed, full of more uranium
Than a maniac Saudi Arabian
A highly combustible head, spazmatic
Strapped to a Kraftmatic adjustable bed
Laid up in the hospital in critical condition
I flatlined; jumped up and ran from the mortician

Are you having too much sanity? Same old thing everyday? You need some of the crazy...

Match the quotes.....
"Allow me to encourage a discussion on the following question: How long do you think the world can be governed by the rhetoric of a handful of Western powers? Whenever they hold something against someone, they start spreading propaganda and lies, defamation and blackmail. How much longer can that go on?"

Who is it? Ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb Chomsky? Ed "right said" Said? Random Rabble.ca member? Robert McClelland? It's right here...




1. ....ahhh Ahmadinejad! What a nutter! via damian.

2. Speaking of tough nuts/nuts in a vice/miami vice/miami bass/bass fishing/fishing for an angle, Anna Tremonti does her best impression of a absolute jackass right here. via sda.

Guess which political party she describes as "The Klan". One guess, peeps.

3. Antonia Zerbisias (she's the anti-semitic cheeeessssiest) again puts her awesome knowledge of arabic on display right here...what's the occasion? To defend nutbar number 1 above!

Nutbars show up and rep their hood, youknowhatimsayin?

To put the "nutbar" shit over-the-top, she starts reppin' Mr. Juan Cole, a la "One, two, three, four! We don't want your stinking war!" So damn cool. See Hitch kill azerb's bs argument here....way to keep up, azerb, this shit is a month old.

4. Pete Doherty. What A Tool.

...."Yes, shamrocks!, petey boy is a jackass" you might say "but how does it make him a nutter?" Good point, except:

Pete Doherty could be king, and he throws it all away for nothing. And he's become a huge asshole on his way to hell (soon, boy, soon he'll be there)...it's probably the last craphole he hasn't seen the inside of.

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