Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sheila Fraser Brings The Brouhaha!

What's all the fanfare what's the to do
We're known to bring the hullabaloo
On stage or at the spa
Guaranteed we bring the brouhaha

'Cause it's a brouhaha
'Cause it's a brouhaha

Sheila Fraser kicks the Liberals in the political crotch over the gun registry...while standing over them screaming "And stay down!"
While the 10-year cost of the registry through the end of fiscal 2005 has been pegged at $946 million - just below an earlier $1 billion estimate - government officials went to great lengths to obscure the true annual tally, including spreading the accounting of past spending over the next 15 years.

Mother****ers. That's poor form on all counts. What is this? Deferred development costs? This is horsecrap...the kind of thing Arthur Anderson might pull, if it weren't 6 feet under. Which is kind of where the Liberal prospects reside for the next election.
While NDP Leader Jack Layton called Fraser's audit "truly a sordid and shocking tale," Liberal MP Irwin Cotler, the former justice minister, was left stammering that his government didn't really "hide" any gun registry funding.

"The word 'hide' imputes a certain (bad faith)," Cotler said outside the Commons.

Bad faith. How could anyone other than the truly gullible accuse them of such a thing? Doesn't the public have uncompromising naivete, and a cynicism-free demeanor?

And are these the same Libs who once accused Fraser of being a partisan lackey? Where's their candor now?

Bad faith? That's the least of their worries.

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