Thursday, May 18, 2006

Now Let Me Take A Trip Down Memory Lane.....

If you come from the West side of your town
Make the mother****ing fools bow down
--Westside Connect
Best Week Ever compares the '90's east coast/west coast rap battles to todays diva/celebrity trash talk wars. Good times to be had....Check this out:
Now: Paris Hilton
Then: Tupac Shakur
Affiliation: West Coast

Like Tupac before her, Paris Hilton is simultaneously hated and feared, and is Gangsta #1 when it comes to representin’ the West Coast. In fact, if Los Angeles were to become a flesh and blood human being, it would be Paris Hilton. Paris displays the same brash, flamboyant, highly-publicized behavior that ‘Pac was known for, and shifts allegiances carelessly and constantly. No matter who’s beefing, or what it’s about, chances are that Paris is somewhere in the middle of it - and she wouldn’t have it any other way.
Yes, this is probably the first and last time Pac gets compared to Paris Hilton. What would he say if he saw this?
Look here Miss Thang
Hate to salt your game
But yous a money hungry woman
And you need to change.
In tha locker room
All the homies do is laugh.
High five's cuz anotha ***** played your ass
Anyway, the comparisons keep rolling on:
Now: Wilmer Valderrama
Then: Lil’ Kim
Affiliation: Bi-Coastal

Just like Lil’ Kim wasn’t famous for much more than causing the beef between Tupac and Biggie, Wilmer’s only notable personality train [sic] seems to be his inexplicable ability to go back and forth between the beds of the battling starlets, making himself more famous in the process.
Ho-oh! Fez just got worked.

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