Monday, May 22, 2006

Jane Taber: Aka Tweek, from South Park

I would turn on the TV
but it's so embarassing
to see all the other people
I don't know what they mean
and it was magic at first
when they spoke without sound
but now this world is gonna hurt
you better turn that thing down
Turn it around
--Jack Johnson

Jane Taber SNAPS. I mean she LOSES IT..on CTV.

Get a load of the spittal from this red faced media hoarker. Rona Ambrose laughs at her at one point. Ahhh, it's a verbal beatdown as Rona puts Taber to sleep with her calm voice and reason....A combination unfamiliar to the surprised and over caffeinated Taber.
Oh my words in your mouth
Are mumbled all about
You're like a journalist
How you can cut and paste and twist
You're awful

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