Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Bloc Party Rock

A heart of stone, a smoking gun
I'm working it out
Why'd you feel so underrated?
Why'd you feel so negated?
--Bloc Party

Bloc Party is coming back fast and furious. They have the lyrics, energy and sound to be around for a long time. In a stagnant North American rock atmosphere, Bloc Party bring it with a realness from London:
Okereke says that although he plans to make "quite an angry record," this doesn't mean the band is sticking to the driving, staccato rhythms of its first album. "Those ambitious sounds and those ambitious atmospheres were something we were trying to recreate," he says, "[but] I think there'd be no point for any of us if we were going to approach it the same way." Actually, their most recent influences include the lush compositions of Philip Glass and genre-bender Bjork's all-vocal album, Medulla.

Medulla, by the way, is probably one of the more radical departures in post-millenial pop. We're talking Sigur Ros on crack. And Acid. And then throw in ee cummings, Rahzel beat boxing, odes to the sea, and of course lots of Bjork moaning.

....Bottomline: Bloc Party rocks, and its cool that they are looking to the innovators to keep the sound fresh and different. I can't wait for the product of Bloc Party with a Bjork influence.

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