Monday, April 17, 2006

The Stupid Off: Random Murderer Vs. Rachel Marsden

I can't walk through the park 'cuz it's crazy after dark
Keep my hand on my gun 'cuz they got me on the run
I feel like a outlaw, broke my last glass jaw
Hear them say "You want some more?"
--Grandmaster Flash

Up first is a guy who celebrated his birthday by killing a random stranger...(via nealenews...)
NEWARK, N.J. -- A man who told friends he wanted to celebrate his birthday by killing someone was being sought Wednesday in the fatal shooting of a man outside a city bar over the weekend.

Authorities say Arthur L. Tiggs, 26, of Orange, was at the Cave Lounge in Newark early Sunday, drinking with friends to celebrate his birthday. The group stepped outside and Tiggs suddenly said something about wanting to shoot someone simply because it was his birthday, witnesses told police.

He pulled out a gun, walked across the street and, without saying a word, shot Lance Pettiford, 27, once in the head, police said. Pettiford, a Newark man who also had been inside the bar, collapsed as Tiggs ran off.

Pretty stupid. He's the hands down winner, right? But...the somehow still syndicated Rachel Marsden (convicted stalker/felon/talking head/moron/journalist) in the T.O. Sun says that each Canadian should be forced into the military because, among other things, it would decrease violence against women. Uh-huh.

In case, you're wondering, I'm pretty sure she didn't actually finish her degree at SFU.
While Canadians soldiers were busy “peacekeeping” (i.e., fighting terrorists) in Afghanistan last weekend, a Taliban spokesman told The Canadian Press: “We think that when we kill enough Canadians, they will quit war and return home.”

He’s talking about the country that sent 600,000 troops into World War I, and captured Vimy Ridge from the Germans 89 years ago this week after both the French and Brits had failed. The same nation that saw 15,000 Canadians fight alongside their Allied cousins on D-Day in World War II.

What has caused our international image to become so tarnished? Decades of weak-kneed, pansy-fannied liberalism, that’s what. My solution: Two years of mandatory military service for every Canadian, right out of high school.

Some jackass in the Taliban says if enough canucks are killed we'll lose the will to fight. Marsdens solution: draft a massive, involuntary army to, uh, re-invade Afghanistan? This would improve our international image? Coercing our youth into service?

As usual with Marsden, it gets worse...she refers to immigrants as leeches, and then:
Toronto Mayor David Miller has said young people need jobs so they don’t shoot up the city. Here’s a job that will redirect their misguided enthusiasm.

Simply stunning. ...Recruit folks, like the aforementioned random killer guy, and have them improve our international image by randomly killing foreigners ....which is okay, because foreigners are leeches in Rachel's books.

Randomly killing people is dumb, but encouraging killing and mayhem at the behest of the state is almost as bad and twice as dumb.

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