Friday, April 14, 2006

DC vs Tehran Hommies: Who's The Craziest?

Pentagon hommies are the craziest
Revolutionary Guard hommies are the craziest
DC hommies are the craziest
Tehran hommies are the craziest
DOD hommies are the craziest
Persian hommies are the craziest

My lyrics be laced with 40 ounces of funk and stuff,
You get rushed, you get bust
You call yourself
Callin my bluff, enough's enough
--Naughty By Nature (edit)

It's...all...gone...a bit...bizarre:
“If you attack,” the high-ranking diplomat told me in Vienna, “Ahmadinejad will be the new Saddam Hussein of the Arab world, but with more credibility and more power. You must bite the bullet and sit down with the Iranians.”

The diplomat went on, “There are people in Washington who would be unhappy if we found a solution. They are still banking on isolation and regime change. This is wishful thinking.” He added, “The window of opportunity is now.”

Of course, a war is exactly the last thing that either side needs. For the US especially, war (and especially a nuclear one) with Iran is simply not a real option. Iraq will explode, Israel will face immediate and sustained attacks, Europe will face an pandemic of terrorism, oil prices will skyrocket and all of a sudden the entire world is in the crapper. What Iran could deliver on the ground pre- and post- nuke is mutually assured destruction.

So what's the US to do? The same thing that some (insane) people do to scare off bears in the far north.

Look big. Look bigger, crazier and more threatening than whatever is about to attack you. Small dogs have big barks, peacocks have huge tails, and the world's most powerful war machine has the WORLD'S MOST POWERFUL WAR MACHINE.

It's no damn secret, peeps. It's all about the Tsun-Tsu...."When you are weak look big/When you are powerful look small."

No, the US isn't weak, but it's position is vulnerable, so it's playing a perfectly legit card: The "We-just-****ed-up-your-neighbour-and-we-are-stark-raving-mad" card. It's all going to come down to who can pretend they just don't give a **** to outdo the other side, because really, there are rational actors behind the scenes in all of this, even on the Iranian side. They know the consequences, and although it is dangerous at times to assign "western rationalizations" to eastern cultures and politics, the regime recognizes that international pariah status, a la N. Korea, will not work, since the population is not able to be controlled in the same way and will rebel at some point....

So it's high stakes poker. Who's crazier? The guy who says that Israel should be wiped off the map? Or the dude who's trying to keep Iraq/terrorism under control while threatening attacks on Iran?

Neither. It's a game, peeps. Remember that- The spin, the leaks, the "timely articles", threats, the military plans, the "World Without Zion" conferences, editorials from the AEI, the missile tests. Everything.
So when you see me on your block with two glocks
Screamin _**** the World_ like Tupac
I just don't give a ****!!
Talkin that shit behind my back, dirty mackin
Tellin your boys that I'm on crack
I just don't give a ****!!
So put my tape back on the rack
Go run and tell your friends my shit is wack
I just don't give a ****!!
But see me on the street and duck
Cause you gon' get stuck, stoned, and snuffed
Cause I just don't give a ****!!

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