Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Camera's Eyes on a Choice Disguised, Continued

via SDA, Taylor makes short work of the media's Bush complex:
If George W. Bush is an unpopular figure in Canada, does the media's invocation of the U.S. President when commenting on Stephen Harper's government's policy on not lowering the flag after every military death (and the restriction of media on Canadian bases when fallen soldiers arrive home) merely allow them to offer negative commentary when they are supposed to be filing so-called unbiased reports?
Suckers, liars, get me a shovel...From them I say "Don't believe the hype".

SDA also brings the pain with this screen freeze shot from the CBC, just after the Conservative election win. Harper = Hitler, according to our state run media.

In some respects, this focus on either "Canadian (aka: good)" or "American (aka: bad)" ideas, policies, law, etc, is a reflection of Canadian obsession with our southern neighbour. Are we going to give up democracy because *gasp* Americans have it? The Triple E senate debate was brought to a stand still as Liberal MP's said that the Cons wanted to have a senate "Just like the Americans", as if electing people to a higher chamber was the manifestation of evil.

Well, Canucks, it's a big world out there and to designate all abstract ideas, tangible goods, or all things in between as "American" or "Canadian" is pretty limiting. It's a big world out there, and to most peoples on earth, Canadians are not important, visible, nor relevant.

Let's try to see beyond our immature dichotomy, mmmkay?

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