Thursday, March 09, 2006

Don't pull the thang out, unless you plan to bang
Don't even bang unless you plan to hit something

Iran misfires:
TEHRAN (Reuters) - Grudgingly admired in the past by the West for its negotiating skills, Iran may have misjudged its recent confrontational tactics in the nuclear standoff.

Miscalculating both its own bargaining strength and world resolve on the nuclear issue has weakened Iran's familiar blend of brinkmanship and conciliation, diplomats and analysts say.

But despite its apparently uncompromising stance, Iran is risk-averse and will probably redouble efforts to defuse the dispute in the coming weeks, they add.

"The regime is ultimately cautious and tends to prefer a controlled crisis as opposed to full confrontation," said a senior European Union diplomat in Tehran.

"The problem is, they've been so explicit about their red lines and what they won't concede on that they have made it very hard for themselves to reach any kind of compromise. In that sense, perhaps, they've mishandled things lately."

...and they just agreed to a deal with Russia to enrich uranium in Russian Ivan's going to be pissed... Where o' where are you going to find support if not through someone who should naturally be an enemy? Even China's going to get antsy looking at these guys as a partner in oil at some point.
Every action has a positive and equal reaction
Therefore everything that goes around
Comes around in that fashion
Fast and furiously
There was a knock on the sliding glass door (*****, it's me!)
You thought you was slick the way you hit me for that lick
But you slipped now I'm getting in your ****

From this point on it only gets rougher

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