Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Out French The French

Barbeque chicken oil in a drum, double strong wrong
Here comes the horn you call for
Woman in a box with her head in her box
Speaks french when spoken like a tourist french

No French, no service at an Ontario health clinic:
That day, Ravary contacted her doctor's office and was told to visit a nearby community health centre, where he occasionally works.

When she arrived at the centre, she was greeted by a French-speaking receptionist who promptly informed her that the health clinic was exclusively for "French people."

Awesome! So, when in need whip out your high school French: "Ah monseiur, mon tete est tres mal, eh....beacoup de flem!" When I had a medical emergency in Paris, I'm glad French paramdedics didn't leave me to die in the street because I didn't speak French very well.

I'm thinking this "French only" policy won't last long under national scrutiny...especially with the pompous ass running the place:
"I don't think it's discrimination at all," said Bisson [the Executive Director of the clinic]. "We have policies and a way to work here. Ninety-eight per cent of our clients are Francophone because it's our target population."

Translation: Suck it, Anglos. Suck it long and suck it hard.
The clinic was established 15 years ago specifically to treat the nearly 10,000 Francophones in the small Ontario community, although everyone in the greater community helps fund it.

You pay for the place? Too bad, mon frere d'anglais! You no speak-ah da francais, you can die at the door! Muuu-hahahahaha!
Apologies: I realize I've just brutalized the French/English languages. My bad.

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