Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Klapp Attack, Pt. 2

Don't infect me with your poison
A bully in a china shop
When I turn ‘round you stay frozen to the spot
You had the pointless snide remarks
Of hammerheaded sharks
The pot will call the kettle black

Klapp is a loser.

I don't know how many Toronto bloggers actually read this blog, but if you see Warren K. at a blogger event, disown this *%$#nut. This **** is serious.

Here's Ya Kid K on my own site not too long ago:
Here's a deal: you let me send a letter that falsely states you are a drug runner, to the government every Asian nation you plan to visit in the next while, and let's see how fucking blase you are about people falsely accusing other people of a crime.

What a little bully. How many people has he smeared over his career, and now he cries victim over the most minor offense to himself.

I hope Mark wipes the floor with this guy.

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