Monday, January 23, 2006

Welcome to the Fold

You just gotta sit your self down
To contemplate
You get yourself a nice cold beer
And drink yourself away
You’re celebrating nothing
And you feel a-okay

I'm a little bummed that the Cons didn't pull out more of the votes ....Just some random thoughts here:

Matt Good: " *Scoff* [The election]'s just a referendum on Adscam". Matt, you are a f***ing tool. You are a pointless waste of space. Go back to reading paranoid theories about the CIA, you talentless ass clown.

Kardinall Offishall: Thanks for showing up on the CBC, and thanks for the intelligent comments. "For the kids that think I'm comin wit it/Brother just watch me". We're watching, hombre. Keep showing up.

Ontario Liberal Voters: You suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.

BC Liberal Voters: You must have been high. I understand why the West End keeps voting in Hedy, despite the "cross burning" BS, but BC should have locked up 20 seats for the Cons easy. This says more about the Cons BC strategy if anything. This province wants something other than Liberal rule.

Belinda Stronach voters: They must have been higher than the BC Liberal voters. "You can never lose when you follow your heart": Um, you do if you hitch your wagon to a convoy going off a cliff. Quote of the night about Belinda by a friend "Do you think people like that go to hell?" If there's an afterlife, Belinda's in like Flynn.

Quebec Con Voters: Welcome back to the fold. Laurent's stock just went way up.

David Anderson: Glad to see he's never appearing as a representative of BC. Cheers! And here's hoping we never see you again. Any word from Basi, lately?

Svend Robinson: I can't believe I was pulling for him against Fry. Yee-ouch. I feel dirty. *shiver*
Martin's addressing his supporters...I gotta roll.

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