Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Iranian Situation is On Defrost for 20 Minutes

I know what you're thinking
You got a mind and it's stinking
You know why????
You got a transparent cranium
A see through head!
--The Hives
We can tell what the Ahmadinejad is thinking....While the Canadian election situation cystallizes, the Iranian situation becomes more fluid:
Iran condemns French president's remarks on use of nuclear weapons

Iran on Saturday condemned French President Jacques Chirac's recent remarks on the use of nuclear weapons against terrorism, terming them as unacceptable and unconventional, the official IRNA news agency reported.
The French have found their nuts, and it appears they are gargantuan. In the middle of referring Iran to the UNSC, they pull out the big guns. Operation: Enduring Freedom is in the house.

Ahmadinejad is gonna have his ass in a sling if he keeps this BS up. Something tells me everything's gonna get real nice for that mother****er.
The scene looked strange and it felt like a set up
[Better not be, cause if it is, they're getting lit up]
Oh here they come from the back in they 'lacs
I'm checkin for the gats
Yeah, they strap'd, so whats up black?
[Chill, lets hit a deal,
If it aint up to what you feel then grab your steel]
--Snoop & Dre

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I detest fanatics